Just sit down and do it. That’s what the voices kept saying. One of them my own. I’d found every excuse to keep me from the goals I’d given myself five years ago. I’d left full-time work to finish my novel and be with my daughter. I don’t regret the decision, because my daughter, well, she’s amazing. And she isn’t a baby. She’s 14. See I missed the toddler stuff, so I vowed I’d be there for the teenage years.

But what about my novel? Well, it hasn’t quite turned out as I planned. The first year, I started out strong. And even the second and third. I wrote about 96,000 words (maybe 50,000 usable ones). I also blogged pretty consistently. I completed a children’s book manuscript and a couple of short stories. Then, the last two years, I got lazy, I got sad, I got lonely. I even let the blog go. I didn’t sit down and do it.

Now, I’m beginning again. I could be high from the recent Eagles win, but I’m telling myself it’s like riding a bike. I’ll just put my feet on the pedals and keep moving forward. I just need to pace myself and watch out for potholes.



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